The Franklin Institute has a spooky, 21+ event coming up in a few weeks and I feel the need to be there.

I consider just walking through the doors of a museum enough to look like you're learning, so this counts! Right?


There are so many events that are going on this year for Halloween and this is just another to add to the list. This is the first year since the pandemic started and I feel like all of these events are back and it’s so exciting!


There aren’t very many Halloween events that are strictly 21+ so this is super exciting! The Franklin Institute calls it their Science After Hours: Fright @ Night. Not only will there be music, food, and drinks, you’ll be able to experience the Franklin Institute after hours and experience all of their must-see exhibits.

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There are also going to be stunt shows, a circus sideshow, a drag show by local Philly drag queens and so much more. Tickets are officially on sale for this event and they’re really reasonably priced for the number of amenities you’ll get during your time there that night.

If you buy your ticket in advance you’ll only have to pay $40, day of tickets at the door are $45 and if you’re a Franklin Institute member the tickets are only $35. Tickets are obviously encouraged, but not required. If you’re going to this event though, why would you not go in costume?

It’s the perfect reason to celebrate! Again, The Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours: Fright @ Night is a 21+ event that's happening on October 28 from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Make sure to grab your crew and get to the cash bar before hitting up all the attractions. For more details, make sure to head to their website and check it all out.

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