It still blows my mind that we are still in the coronavirus pandemic. I remember when this all started, I thought, okay, this will happen for a few months and then it'll be gone. Here we are four months after this virus came into our world and our lives are still not back to normal. I keep saying, thank goodness it's summertime and I can at least go for a walk or enjoy some activities safely, or else I'd go crazy. I know people are missing their normal routines and something that you can never mess with is someone's normal routine of getting coffee every morning. For a while, some coffee shops weren't open, or just their drive-thru's were, and the lines were horrendous, so most people opted to just make coffee at home. But, now that more cafes are open, people are back at their favorite spots and some of them are having some sweet deals.

FOX 29 reports, that today, (August 3rd), August 10th, and August 17th Dunkin' will be giving away free medium hot or iced coffees. Now, you must make a food purchase, but hey, wouldn't you want a donut or breakfast sandwich to go along with that coffee? I think that's a great deal. You also have to be a DD Perks Member, which is a pretty sweet program from what I've researched. You earn 5 points for every $1 you spend at Dunkin' and when you hit 200 points, you'll score yourself a free beverage. That's just one of the perks of their program, there's a bunch more. Honestly, nowadays, I don't like to be anywhere for a long period of time, so if I can download an app and be in and out of a store or restaurant, that's what I do. So this app would totally rock my world.


Since this is only happening for three weeks, you better get on this deal. It'll be another way for you to feel more normal during this crazy pandemic we're all going through.

For more check out Dunkin's website, or this article from FOX 29.

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