I think we all can agree that superheroes come in many different forms and during this coronavirus pandemic, we've seen a lot of superheroes. Nurses, doctors, first responders, grocery store workers, delivery drivers are just a few of the super heroes we have seen carry us through this pandemic and there are plenty more. Another group of people who deserve a huge pat on the back are teachers and educators. Many of these educators left their classrooms one day, and did not return for the rest of the year because the coronavirus got so bad that districts turned to virtual learning. Most teachers never even used a virtual learning system before and neither did their students. This became a huge struggle for everyone and I honestly felt so bad for my teacher friends. That's why I think teachers are superheroes and they deserve to be recognized for their extreme efforts this year.

6abc reports that teachers and school staff members can receive a free coffee, any size they want, for free. Teachers and school staff members are entitled to one free coffee per visit to Wawa until September 30th. You just need to let the cashier know that you work for a school and BOOM your coffee is free. I am assuming they might ask you to show some kind of school I.D. to get it, but that is not confirmed. But, if you're an educator, I'd definitely head over to your nearest Wawa and get yourself some free coffee. You are so entitled to it after all the work you've done to keep the kids in this country learning, even if it's virtual.

For more info, check out this article from 6abc or visit your local Wawa store for more details.

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