I'm devastated...ok, maybe not devastated, the world has bigger problems, but, was super bummed the other night when I went to The Cheesecake Factory and tried to order my favorite drink, The Flying Gorilla, and the waitress told me they don't make them anymore.  Whaaaat? Then, heard from another waiter that they were too hard to make quickly, and he was relieved that they don't make them anymore. Womp, womp. I get it, I guess. The Flying Gorilla was a big, frozen, milkshake-like drink, with chocolate and banana. It was less like a drink, and more like a meal. I'll miss it.

So, I laughed when I was scrolling through my facebook the other day, and saw on Delish a list of the drinks  your bartender doesn't want you to order....there are 5 of them, so when you're out this weekend, keep these in mind.



Frozen Cocktails

Sex on the Beach

Irish Car Bomb (I've never even heard of this one)

You've probably ordered at least one of these, right?  My fav, mentioned above, the Flying Gorilla, would fall under #3. I don't get all of them. Sex on the Beach is easy to make, isn't it? Maybe they're just sick of the giggles the name gets.

We're not supposed to be drinking anyway...it's Dry January, remember? Wink, wink.

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