Over the weekend, I experienced something I only read about in fairy tales and saw in epic movies and TV shows. I went on a tour of Howling Woods Farm in Jackson, New Jersey and met wolves... well technically I met wolfdogs! A wolfdog is a mix of wolf and dog. It really was an incredible experience that was also educational. It's an amazing place because according to their website they are an animal rescue and wolfdog education center. The tour is so cool because you learn about these amazing animals as you get to meet them!

Credit: Adam Grimanis

Howling Woods Farm makes sure these wolfdogs are taken care of properly. They are given medicine, food, shelter, and companionship. Many of these wolfdogs have been abandoned or surrendered because their previous owners did not know how to take care of them. They're not your typical domesticated dog. They are part wolf!

At first, I was nervous to meet them, but the tour guides put me at ease and told me exactly how to approach each wolfdog I met!

I even took a selfie with some of the wolfdogs! Here's my selfie with Kotori!

Credit: Adam Grimanis

You can visit Howling Woods Farm because it's open to the public, but you have to make an appointment.

Learn more about Howling Woods Farm and how to schedule an appointment here. Also feel free to check out more of my personal pictures with the wolfdogs below!