Since Google launched in 1998, we can hardly imagine our lives without it.

According to Planet Princeton, Google plans to run an Artificial Intelligence lab run by Princeton University Computer Science Professors Elad Hazan and Yoram Singer.

The lab includes faculty members, students, recent grads, and some software engineers. Google and Princeton University have been working together for a few years. Google is confident that the excellent minds of Princeton University will benefit their technology in many ways.

So what will they be doing in the new A.I lab? Google plans to run experiments geared towards machine learning, with a focus on speech recognition systems. They are even toying around with self-driving cars, which actually freak me out.  Lets not forget that In March, a self driving Uber hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona. 

The lab will be located at 1 Palmer Square. I wonder if they'll do tours?

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