As a Mercer County resident, the murder of Samantha Josephson broke my heart. A beautiful college student trying to take an Uber home from a bar, got into the wrong car and was murdered by Nathaniel David Rowland. Nathaniel was driving the car she got into and was charged with her murder a few days after.

Since their daughter's murder, Samantha's parents don't want this terrible tragedy to happen to anyone else and have been advocating for a new law to be signed by the Governor. The law, called Sami's Law would require rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to have illuminated signs on the front of their cars and also to have barcodes that riders can scan to make sure they are getting into the correct car.

According to, the law was signed last night by Governor Murphy in front of Samantha's family and friends and it was a very emotional evening. Samantha's parents are extremely happy for the law to be signed and hope this will save riders in the future.

Governor Phil Murphy signs a bill ensuring protections for rideshare services on Thursday, June 20, 2019. Edwin J. Torres/ GovernorÕs Office.