Earlier this week, a group of fishermen were “lucky” enough to have a Great White Shark encounter off the coast of a New Jersey beach.

One may wonder how this could ever be viewed as lucky, but if you were fishermen who frequently competed in Mako Shark tournaments, then you would consider yourself lucky to have an encounter with a Great White Shark.  The tournament challenges local fisherman to catch some of the largest, and in some instances most frightening, fish the sea has to offer.

Scott and Jeff Crilly were participating in the tournament this past Monday when they experienced the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Great White just a few feet away from them. The fisherman’s excitement grew as the shark swam up to their boat, and they were able to see it in all of its beauty up close and personal.

Jeff Crilly, who posted a video to social media of the whole event calling it "best day ever on the water."

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