If you are still trying to celebrate St Patty's Day this whole weekend just know that The Green Parrot is right there with you. Chris, the manager at Green Parrot, made it clear that The Irish Festival will still start at 8 pm today.

Chris mentioned that they already started playing Irish music to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit and the coronavirus will not be holding them back. The Green Parrot manager also mentioned that all the musical acts are still excited and ready to bring the party to Newtown.

When we asked Chris if the restaurant has been affected by the coronavirus quarantine talk she told us, "Most of the time it's calm before the storm and before all events begin. Usually we have slow days before the St Patty’s events but we will be able to notice if the coronavirus affects us on Saturday."

Green Parrot management also mentioned that they aren't really concerned and that they believe they will still have a successful St. Patrick's weekend. They are making sure the Green Parrot staff is extra cautious with everything as well as making sure everything is clean and safe for all the customers.

If you are not scared of the coronavirus talks just know that the Green Parrot Annual Irish Festival in Newtown is still game on.

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