As cases increase and people realize they are not immune to the virus, patients are experiencing a new symptom. The symptom happens to 27% of patients diagnosed with the Coronavirus and that is hair loss.

According to Baller Alert, Dermatologist Michele S Green has seen a ton of patients researching and looking for hair loss treatment throughout quarantine.

“Patients have literally come in with bags of hair looking like a full head of hair was in the bag. They all have similar stories. That they were extremely sick with high fevers and have never been that sick in their entire lives,” Green said.

According to Baller Alert, physicians think that this hair loss problem isn’t a part of the coronavirus itself. Instead, it is the physical shock your body goes through as it’s trying to beat off the virus. Think about it, you have a high fever and you are sick for almost 2 weeks at some points. Your body is trying to get rid of this sickness so you can return to normalcy. According to Baller Alert, Harvard Medical School said when you contract the virus, you not only have a high fever, but you also lose a ton of weight, abnormal eating habits, hormonal changes, physical trauma, stress, and in some cases infections or surgery. I’m stressed out just reading all of that.

According to Baller Alert, another Dermatologist, Shilpi Khetarpal, said that the patient can “experience a shock to the system forcing the hair to jump from the growing phase to the resting phase and then the shedding phase after a couple of months.”

If losing your hair isn’t another reason to mask up and protect yourself and others, we don’t know what to tell you.


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