The Hamilton YMCA offers swim lessons for kids in our community who have disabilities and according to Tap Into, they want to make swim lessons more accessible than ever. The Hamilton YMCA is now offering scholarships for kids with disabilities in our area for them to take swim lessons this spring and summer. Drowning deaths are unfortunately very common among children and especially those children with disabilities. For more info on this program and to register a child with a disability or any child for swim lessons, click here. Any questions please feel free to reach out to Nicole Bizuga at 609-581-9622 ext. 128 or at

I take my son to swim lessons at Hamilton YMCA and he loves it. He's in water discovery and we splash, sing, play and learn how to do the basics of swimming. I could not wait to get my son into swim lessons because my Dad lives down the shore on the water and my in laws have a swimming pool. For both of these reasons I wanted my son to be educated in water safety even though he will be wearing a life jacket when he is near the pool or the lagoon until he is older and shows us he can swim really well. I have heard about way too many drowning incidents that have happened to young children and it breaks my heart. I never want to feel that kind of pain.

While we were taking our swim lessons last week, I noticed there was a young boy in a wheelchair next to the pool. The YMCA has a chair that he sat in and it lowered him into the water. He then had his lesson and it brought tears to my eyes. His instructor was so good with him and you could tell he was having fun by how big the smile was on his face. Physical therapy in the water is something that has been around for years and I know it does wonders for people who cannot either physically walk normally or people who just have trouble with balance and coordination. The Hamilton YMCA pool is hopping when we take our swim lessons and I love that there are people of all ages learning how to swim and trying to keep their bodies healthy.

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