I remember when I went to Rider University and I lived off campus, but I hung out with plenty of people who lived on campus in the dorms. Some of them never went home on the weekends because they lived in different states. It would be funny if we randomly decided to go off campus and they would get into their cars and look like a deer in headlights. They would always say it was almost like they had forgotten how to drive. It was so weird, but I can totally understand what they mean. When the pandemic started and the stay at home order was put in place, I didn't go anywhere. I had so much gas in my car because all I was doing was going back and forth to the radio station. I remember a few weekends in a row where my car did not move for the entire weekend and it felt weird getting back into it again. Apparently, many people are running into the same problem.

Fox News reports, that a survey was done in the U.K. by the car company Hyandai, and 20% of the people that were surveyed say that because they've been locked down for so long, they have forgotten how to drive. That means they have forgotten how to do things like park, use their turn signals and even forgetting which side their gas cap is on. There are other mistakes they are making and you can check those out here. According to The Patch, police in Bucks County, are even urging drivers to be aware of more drivers and pedestrians on the roads because states are starting to reopen.

Make sure you're aware and alert, and maybe take your car around the block before hitting the highways in case you actually really did forget how to drive.

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