I grew up in Trenton, so I will always have a love for my home state's capital.

So when I saw a series of videos NJ.com's videos about a beautiful new Starbucks in downtown Trenton, I needed to know more about it.

Located on South Warren Street, the new Starbucks community store is one of just ten of this kind in the entire country.

You can see highlights from beautiful location in the video above. Their store manager, Stephanie Campfield, said the main purpose of the store is to serve the community.

It does exactly that with features like a community room, which is being used to display art. In fact, other companies are hosting business meetings there. The even have a community room that's used to display art and other companies use it to host their business meetings.

I even saw on Instagram they had an open mic night where locals can recite their poetry and can showcase their talents in various ways.

The employees frequently do a lot of volunteer work and even host a breakfast with Santa. You can tell that all the employees have great demeanors and always keep a positive attitude while on the job.

It's awesome to see this Community Starbucks is right in the heart of Trenton and that they're serving the community more than just coffee.

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