A new documentary is being released about New Jersey’s most dangerous water park. After 24 years since the park was shut down, Action Park is at the forefront of people’s minds again.

Following the release of the book “Action Park: Fast Times, Wild Rides, and the Untold Story of America’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park” by Jake Rossen and Andy Mulvihill, who is the son of park founder, Gene Mulvihill, comes a documentary called “Class Action Park.”

According to NJ.com, the documentary is set to release in August on HBO Max. It is directed by journalist Seth Porges and filmmaker Chis Charles Scott.

“As an 8 or 9-year-old, I could tell there was something different about this place,” Porges told NJ Advance Media. “There was just something chaotic in the air about Action Park and it stuck with me.”

In making the film, he wanted to see if the park actually lived up to the hype that he remembers from his childhood. It covers the controversy and the lawsuits that were piling up.

The park finally closed in 1996, only 18 years after the initial launch. After nine years of the park being opened, five people were reported on dying.

Gene Mulvihill claimed that he was insured by a company that he made up. Porges noted that Mulvihill could make the lawsuits go away very easily until they became overbearing. The film is said to focus on that as well as the dangers of the actual park.

There is no exact date for when the documentary will be released.


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