It's official. I have found the best place in the City of Brotherly Love to get loaded nachos.

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for some loaded foods. Whether its loaded nachos, loaded tots or a loaded backed potato, you can find me with one of the three almost every time I eat out at a restaurant.

I used to always say that Bar Louie in Bensalem had the best loaded Nachos. Until they got shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, I used to go there by myself every Sunday during football season. I would order the same thing every time... two strawberry margaritas and a plate of loaded nachos.

However, I may have found somewhere that might make me forget all about Bar Louie. Yesterday I attended the Taco Festival at Xfinity Live! I literally was there all day from noon until 8 at night eating tacos and drinking tequila. (Ask me how I'm feeling right now.)

I had tasted the nachos at Xfinity before, but I hadn't been there in years so I must have forgotten how good they were. During football season, you can order a huge plate of loaded nachos that can literally feed about 5 people. The choice of toppings are endless. I'm talking chicken, steak, jalapenos, bacon, sour cream, cheese, salsa, black beans and more.


They served a smaller version at the taco festival yesterday, but they were still really good. So the next time your in Philly, make sure to stop by Xfinity Live! for the best nachos in the city.


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