If you're in the Mercer County area in the next few weeks, you may see smoke in the sky because of planned burns being carried out by the Mercer County Park Commission, according to TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville.

The Commission is working with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service on these burns that are necessary to "manage invasive species and promote habitat regeneration," the article says, and help prevent possible future wild fires.

The burns will be taking place at Mercer Meadows, specifically the Pole Farm and Reed Bryan Farm areas, and Baldpate Mountain (the highest part of Mercer County). They'll take approximately two to three days, and will happen sometime before spring. There's no exact dates planned as of yet, because the conditions need to be just right. The Section Forest Fire Warden will give the surrounding towns and emergency responders 2 days notice before the burns begin.

If you're planning on heading to the either of these parks in the next few weeks, check the Mercer County Park Commission website and the Mercer County Park Commission social media pages before heading out. There will also be signs up at the park entrances, crossings, and the beginnings of the different trails.

All safety precautions will be followed. You can also expect to see smoldering dead trees and wood for days after the burns have concluded. Don't worry, that's completely normal, there's no need to call 9-1-1.The Mercer County Park Commission will be on hand to keep an eye on the sites where there were burns.

If you any questions, click here for more information.

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