A Hillsborough couple can be seen again on HGTV’s “Flea Market Flip”.  Thom and Melissa Almendinger, two ecologists that enjoy finding rare items, brought their skills to the television.

The show, which debuted on the Discovery-owned network in 2012, follows contestants who team up and travel to a flea market.  Patch.com has reported that the teams select unique items to refurbish. The team that makes the most money wins.

When they are not seen working at Duke Farms as ecologist, they can be seen bringing home items and creating new products out of what they find. According to Patch.com, after months of waiting, Melissa and her husband Thom were finally selected for the show. Filming took place in the spring when they went to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Brooklyn, to shop, create, and sell.

After showing off their creativity, The Almendinger's won the competition and took home $5,000. The episode will air again August 25th and 26th on The Great American Country Channel. Patch.com also mentioned that the show also airs reruns all the time on HGTV.

It’s pretty cool that a local couple was able to represent our area on TV!

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