One of South Jersey's most popular towns will be highlighted on tonight's episode of HGTV's House Hunters.  According to the Courier-Post, Collingswood, NJ will be prominently featured in the episode.

Here's the synopsis for the episode entitled Storefront or House in South Jersey from the HGTV website:

"A couple is ready to cash in on their New York City apartment so they can buy a bigger place in South Jersey. But while one is dead-set on having a home with an attached retail space for his new business, the other would prefer a little separation between work and home."

The Courier-Post says that the couple plan on opening a home decor store in Collingswood this summer.  The store will be called Bespoke Home + Life and will be located on Haddon Ave.

South Jersey has been featured on House Hunters several times before, including an episode called No Ghosts in New Jersey that originally aired last Halloween.

Tonight's episode will air at 10pm and 1am.

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