My poor cousin Kimberly made the most heartbreaking post on Sunday. Her two year old dog Ruby got loose and did not come home.

Ruby is such a sweet girl, but she is a little bit afraid of strangers, being that she is only two years old. My cousin is asking if you see her, don't chase her, call them immediately.

Ruby is a brindle border collie mix and she was wearing a pink collar with all my cousin's information on it.

If you do come across her and she doesn't have her pink collar on, which is a possibility since she has been missing for a few days, here is the contact info.


She has been spotted multiple times around their neighborhood. We hope we are very close to bringing Ruby home safely, but we need the public's help. My cousin and her husband are even offering an award if Ruby is brought home safely.

I have always had dogs growing up and have a two year old pup named Stella. I can't imagine what my cousin and her family are going through, but I know they are being as proactive as possible to try and find her.

I would be devastated if this was me and I ask you Hillsborough residents to just keep your eyes peeled for Ruby. Please, I beg you, if it was your dog missing, you'd want them home too.

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