Hopewell Helpers is looking to continue their mission, of helping local residents in need, this fall by hiring local students and young adults to be helpers, according to Facebook.

When the community-minded business began back on June 2nd there were 4 volunteers, now there are over 45 helpers on the team, and they're hoping to grow that number.

I featured Will Titus, founder of Hopewell Helpers, on our Sunday morning show, “Community Focus,” back in June. He told The Crew how the group answers the calls of neighbors in need during this challenging time. The helpers have run essential errands, built gardens, and even assembled trampolines and treadmills. Their other services include grocery delivery, babysitting, yard work, housework, tech set up (plus support) and more.

Since many of the helpers are students, the business was going to cease to exist as we head into fall because school is beginning again, but, they've made some changes to the program so it can continue on. They help neighbors in Mercer, Hunterdon, and Bucks counties. So far, they've assisted over 200 people.

Hopewell Helpers has a "Choose What You Pay" system. They have a very fair base price, but, you can choose to pay more if you think they deserve it. That extra money enables more helpers to be hired so more neighbors can be served.

If you or any of your friends want to join the Hopewell Helpers team this fall, just email hvhelpers@gmail.com. You can also go check out their website here.
If you'd like to hire Hopewell Helpers, click here to find out more information.

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