If you don't care about having a very small wedding with just your close family and/or friends you can make that happen for free at the Logan Hotel in the City of Brotherly Love. When we say a small wedding, we mean VERY small.

According to PhillyMag.com, The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia is allowing couples to have their weddings on the hotel's outdoor courtyard for free. Remember how we said a small wedding? We learned from PhillyMag.com that the Logan Hotel will allow you to have a free wedding where only 10 to 20 guests can attend the ceremony.

These free weddings are to help those couples that were forced to cancel their original plans due to the pandemic. PhillyMag.com also mentioned that the Logan Hotel will continue to let couples get married for free on the outdoor courtyard until the gathering restrictions are not a thing anymore.

The GM at Logan Hotel, JoAnn Wrenn, told PhillyMag.com, “We are thrilled to be a part of something positive and to help bring happiness to these couples.”

That is such a big saving for a wedding, if you are okay with having something very small and intimate. Decorations are something that you will have to put out of pocket, according to PhillyMag.com. The Logan Hotel is also following CDC guidelines to continue practicing social distancing protocols. It was mentioned on PhillyMag.com that chairs that are set up for the ceremonies are sanitized before and after each wedding ceremony.

If you can't wait to get married and don’t mind having just 10 to 20 people watch say "I do" this can be the perfect place for you.

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