Of course, I loved this story, being that I am a Bride to be! (15 more days!) Although I've loved planning our wedding and can't wait until the big day, it was super expensive. I wish there was another way to have our dream wedding for way less money. So this story, was awesome and I had to share!

If you're willing to have your wedding planned by the University of South Carolina’s Wedding Planning and Management class, you can have a free wedding! Everything will be planned by a 70 student class!
From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception and your honeymoon, they'll have it covered! You can meet with them and give them ideas and things you absolutely want, but other than that, you;ll have one less headache. They're calling it USC’s Love Story Wedding and they'll vote on submissions and pick one engaged couple. They'll be married on October 29th at Spirit Communications Park.

This is not a new thing for USC, it's actually the 33rd class that will be planning a wedding! Couples that are already be engaged, over the age of 18, either students, graduates or relatives of USC and South Carolina residents can send their applications to hrsmcomm@mailbox.sc.edu.

A chance at a free wedding and no headaches? Sign me up! I wish they had this in New Jersey!

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