You'll need to pack your patience if you're traveling across our area this holiday season, as a TON of travelers will be taking to the roads.

In fact, I just read that officials estimate there will be 6.3 million cars on the Pennsylvania Turnpike between now and January 1. That averages out to about 410,000 cars a day.

Take your time, but also allow extra time for travel, especially if your Aunt Faye likes to start Christmas dinner right on time! Pennsylvania Turnpike officials say there will be increased patrols during these days because with more traffic comes more accidents.

The holiday season can put people in a fantastic mood, but it can also make people extremely grumpy. Something that makes people grumpy no matter what time of year, is traffic. Traffic can make someone's mood go from really good to really bad, right?

During the holiday season, we see an increased number of cars on the road, more people in all the stores and if you're like me, it can get a little frustrating.

I practice deep breathing techniques very often when I am shopping around the holidays, but I've learned that you just need to have patience.

Happy Holidays and don't forget to practice your deep breathing when you're stuck in crazy traffic!

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