It's true when people say that it's the most wonderful time of the year. But what you don't hear, is how it can also be a stressful time.

Traveling, gift shopping, seeing family members that you haven't seen all year, having to think of small talk to keep a conversation going with distant relatives, cooking...


So here are some tips on how to deal with all the holiday stress that is about to come your way.

1. Don't try to do the most. Keep your schedule balanced. Don't take on too many tasks or over schedule yourself.

What always stresses me out is feeling like I need to see everyone when I go back home. Then I overbook myself and that results in anxiety.

It's okay to not meet up with everyone.

2. Learn to say no. As a people -pleaser I always have the problem of saying yes to everything that people ask me to do.

But overworking yourself with cooking, cleaning, picking up relatives, grocery shopping and more will just stress you out.

3. Take some time for yourself. If at any point in time you feel overwhelmed, its okay to step away and rejuvenate.

4. Plan ahead. Planning your week out will help you feel less stressed and help you with time management!

5. Have fun! This is the most important part! Don't forget to enjoy yourself, live in the moment and let loose!

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