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Believe it or not, but now that we're spending more time at home to stop the spread of coronavirus, it's a big adjustment for everyone, including our furry friends. George Parente who is the owner of the Dogs and Cats Rule stores in our area had a little chat with us and gave us some good tips about our pets.

First of all, he told us that even though our pets may be excited that we're home all day, usually dogs and cats are asleep while we're at work. My puppy Stella has a lot of energy, but she also loves her naps and now that my husband's work schedule has changed, he notices how much she sleeps during the day. So George from Dogs and Cats Rule warns to not overdo it when it comes to exercising with your pets. If they're not used to it, don't start now, because it could be bad for them and you risk injury. If you took one walk a day with them, keep doing that. A little extra won't be too bad, but still remember, that just like us, they need to rest.

We have to take care of ourselves and our pets right now, it's so important. George had a few other tips for us and even some ideas to keep your dogs buys while you're working from home as well. Click below to listen to his entire interview with Chris & the Crew.

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