If you happen to get most of your hunting equipment from Dick's Sporting Goods just know that you will need to start finding a new store because Dick's is closing their gun and hunting department in over 400 stores.

According to USAtoday.com, Dick's Sporting Goods has already closed the hunting departments in 125 stores nationwide and it isn’t going to stop there.

The reason behind this decision to remove the hunting department is to help have "stricter gun measures." We learned from USAToday.com that the Company Chief Executive, Ed Stack, quickly stopped the sale of assault-rifles at Dick's Sporting Goods after the 2018 mass shooting.

Just like everything else, you will get some backlash from some costumers, especially the ones that are against the removal of the hunting department and strict gun measures. Dick's Sporting Goods stores have not been affected by the elimination of the department, according to USAtoday.com

Make sure you call your local Dick's Sporting Goods if you plan on getting some new hunting equipment. Don't want to make the drive just to find out they already removed the gun and hunting department.

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