On Sunday, when this crazy Nor'easter began, my hubby and I wanted to have some soup and grilled cheese because we think that is the perfect snow day lunch. I posted a video of our lunch on my Instagram Story and a PST listener told me that the song I used was a Christmas song. I didn't think anything of it. Then I posted another video of it snowing outside and used the song Winter Wonderland, and ANOTHER PST listener commented that Winter Wonderland was a Christmas song too. Really?

It really got me thinking are these two songs Christmas songs? Or are they totally appropriate to use during snowstorms and Nor'easters? If so, why don't we play them during the snowiest seasons like January and February?

Let's have a listen to the two songs below. Even though they are both on Gwen Stefani's Christmas album, the debate still stands on whether or not they are Christmas songs or not.

Okay, did you listen? I did, every word. The only reference I can hear about Christmas is Sleigh Bells. Santa drives a sleigh covered in bells and sleigh bells are one of those universal symbols of Christmas. I get that reference. Other than that, I do not hear anything that screams, "This is a Christmas song!"

Okay, now let's listen to the next one and see if what the lyrics say about Christmas.

Not ONE mention of Christmas. Not ONE! I listened three times. "It doesn't show signs of stopping...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." It's all about precipitation falling from the sky and staying cozy and warm with ones we love.

I love when listeners bring up debates like this. It makes you really think. I say both songs are fine to listen to in January and February when it snows. What do you think?

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