I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think it’s time that we start discussing the inevitable cancelation of Halloween 2020. I swear I don't want to be a "Halloween Scrooge," but even in the best-case scenarios, Halloween will definitely look like it never has before with many of our favorite activities canceled.

It's a holiday that kids look forward to, and I cannot imagine the inevitable disappointment some parents may be facing. I'm not ADVOCATING for the cancelation of Halloween, just yet, but it certainly seems likely given the current nature of our universe. 

Yes, it's only July, but October will be here sooner than we think. Plans will be put in place ahead of time anyway.

I am the kind of person who likes to be prepared for bad news. So I’m here to say that I think Halloween will suffer the fate that SO many other events have already faced this year… an inevitable cancelation.

As a society, I think we may have to have the discussion as a whole because it’ll be tough if some people partake in the usual Halloween activities, while others don’t. For example, if you're a parent who decides your kids won't be trick or treating this year, imagine their disappointment when the doorbell rings all night as others made the choice to trick or treat.

Why Halloween 2020 Will Essentially Be Canceled

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