Did you know that there was a restaurant in Philadelphia that features a "hoagie tasting room?"

Pizzeria Beddia is located at 1313 N. Lee St.  (The restaurant's website says, "Look for the green sign.")  According to a video posted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the restaurant was named Best Pizza in America in 2015 by Bon Appetite.

In addition to it's main restaurant, Pizza Beddia has a "Hoagie Room" that offers "a two-hour private pizza and hoagie Omakase experience."

Guests in the Hoagie Room get "a welcome cocktail, several small plates, a variety of hoagies from hoagie master John Walker, pizzas, and (Pizzeria Beddia's) signature soft serve."  The cost for the experience is $75 per person and, "Additional beverages and gratuity are not included."

The Hoagie Room is only available from Thu-Sun and reservations are available 30 days in advance.  (And it appears that seats are very hard to come by considering that all of September is sold out).