Hoagiefest at Wawa is a pinnacle part of the New Jersey summer experience.  This year Wawa took a new approach by creating 3 new songs to promote everyone’s favorite sandwich festival.

The songs come with their own original music videos filled with catchy beats and many Wawa references that you know and love. “Would you like pickles on your classic” is a hit amongst our interns here at 94.5 PST.

Wawa is probably better off sticking to making everyone happy with their food and great service but here are some of the music videos found on Wawa's website, “Love at The Wawa” by Shorti K and Prov-Alone, “I95” by T-Junior and “Ya Ya” by The Secret Menus.

One the most interesting parts of this is that you can add these songs to your playlist on Spotify and rock to them all summer. Funny right?

Wawa’s annual Hoagiesfest starts June 24th and runs through August 11th.

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