Ikea is testing a plan where they would rent out some of their furniture. Interesting concept.

Unfortunately, they're not testing the service here in the U.S. According to CNBC, it's rolling out in Switzerland first...darn. They're starting with desks and chairs. After your lease is over, you'll return what you rented, and they'll refurbish the stuff  before they resell it.

No word yet on rental fees or how long the leases would be.

I'm obsessed with home decorating, so the idea of taking a quick ride up the Jersey Turnpike to Exit 13A, Elizabeth, and swapping out furniture for new stuff all the time is kind of appealing. You could return your furniture and get different pieces when the trends change. Also perfect for  when you move to a smaller or bigger space, or if you need something for just a semester or two. All furniture stores should do this. IKEA's onto something.

Germophobes, like my buddy, Adam, from Chris & The Crew, hate the idea.  Someone else with tons of germs, having sat on and handled his furniture before him? Oh, no way.

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