It's 2022, almost 2023. The more technology changes, the more it stays the same.

Instagram has added a new feature that is reminding users of the early days of the internet, and it's a gold mine.


Here's how it works: You can leave a note that your followers can see when you click on your inbox on Instagram. It doesn't go away until you change it.

Sound familiar? If you're a 90's should remind you of AOL Instant Messager. Also known as AIM.

Back in the day, you'd write an away message for your friends to see when you weren't on the computer...and of course, they were ridiculous.

There's only a certain amount of characters you can use when you're writing these you have to be clever and concise....a challenge for some.

I have no clue what Instagram thought they were doing when they introduced this new feature, but everyone on the internet is clowning notes.

Have you checked out the Notes feature on Instagram yet? Go on, you know you want to live out your AIM glory days.

kbyeeee ~.~*

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