Bridgewater Commons has had great development throughout the years and now, according to Patch, some gaming and/or an entertainment complex could be making its way to the mall.

The article gives a breakdown of a Township Council meeting where an ordinance was introduced to allow “establishments for games, entertainment, and/or amusement to be added at the mall.”

The meeting between the mayor and the council was more of a brainstorming session and how they can bring more foot traffic to the area.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Bridgewater Commons has been open since 1988 and has one original remaining store, Macy's. Bridgewater Commons was also home to the first Disney Store that opened outside of California, but that store closed in 2021.

I heard from a long-time resident of Bridgewater that when the idea to build the mall was circling around the town, the residents protested because they didn’t want to add more traffic to the area.

But Bridgewater Commons is one of the best malls in the area; lots of restaurants and premium stores.

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I went to Immaculata High School and this mall was THE after-school hangout, but if you didn’t have a friend with a car, you were dodging traffic coming off Route 22 just to get to the mall’s food court.

I graduated many moons ago so I’m not sure if that’s where the kids still hang out, but thankfully the town built a pedestrian overpass from Mountain Ave to the mall parking lot.

Bridgewater Mall overpass
Bridgewater Mall overpass

So does Bridgewater Commons need an entertainment center like Dave & Buster’s or Topgolf? In my opinion, probably not.

If you really want to eat, drink, and play some games, you can head south on 287 to Woodbridge Center Mall or north on 287 to Willowbrook Mall. Both are home to Dave & Buster’s.

And don’t forget about Topgolf on Route 1 in Edison.

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Either way, whatever the township has planned, it will be a big hit with the customers, but not so much with the residents.

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