With the threat of global warming and the fact that this earth we live on is in major trouble, I try to do anything I can to do be more environmentally friendly, even if it's just making little changes in mine and my family's life. I think everyone should be doing this, but I understand not everyone knows what to do and not everyone thinks there's a problem. I'm not here to preach, but instead to just praise a company that is trying to make this world a better place.

Plastic is a material that is causing major problems in our world and in our oceans. I'm sure we've all drank out of those plastic cups a ton of times. Hey, there's even a song written about them by country singer Toby Keith. But, they are not the best for our environment.

According to The Kitchn a new "red solo cup," may be sweeping the nation. It's not even red, it's silver, because it's made out of aluminum. It's made by the Ball Corporation, and they make products and packaging good for the environment.

The cups look cute, not sure if they will catch on, but it's fantastic to see this company trying to make a difference, even when we're partying.

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