6abc reports, Philadelphia will be bidding on the chance to hold the 2026 FIFA World Cup of Soccer at the Lincoln Financial Field. The World Cup has not taken place in the United States since the 90's. If Philadelphia is able to win the bid for it, even though there are almost 20 other cities in the running, and only 10 cities are chosen to host, this could be a huge deal for the city of brotherly love. The World Cup committee is meeting today to discuss prospective cities. If you want the 2026 FIFA World Cup to come to Philly, you can add your name to the list of supporters.

My husband played soccer pretty much his entire life. He used to play in adult league, but then work and other things now keep him from it. I know eventually he'll play again in an adult league and may even coach someday. Until now we watch professional soccer whenever it's on. I mean, I don't mind because have you seen the hot guys that play soccer? I mean come on, David Beckham? Cristiano Ronaldo? They are absolute stud muffins, so I'll watch it for that. It can definitely get excited, but can also be very boring. My husband says it's much better when you watch it live. I have a feeling if the FIFA World Cup does come to Philly, I feel like my husband will be ordering tickets.

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