Is this deli worth the hype?

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a long thread in a New Jersey food group about this specific deli.

Someone started a thread and was asking if anyone had tried Taliercio's Ultimate Gourmet, and the conversation took off.

People had been posting pictures of their outrageous sandwiches and it had everyone dying to make their way out to Middletown, NJ to try it for themselves!


It for sure got me curious what the hype was about when I was reading all of the comments that were defending this deli like it was their firstborn child.

I was scrolling through their Instagram and Facebook accounts and let me tell you, it didn’t fail to make me hungry.

It was everything you’d want in a stereotypical Jersey hoagie. They pack those sandwiches to the brim with cold cuts, I can tell why everyone was raving about them.

After I did some social media stalking, I went to look at their menu and that also did not disappoint.

The sandwich that really caught my eye was the Dan Luker, I’ve never seen a sandwich like this in my life. It’s chicken cutlets, deep-fried pepperoni, sliced American cheese, and roasted jalapenos.


I didn’t know people even deep-fried pepperoni until I saw this thing. This deli is rated #1 of 7 Italian food spots in Middletown and also the #1 spot in Middletown overall based on reviews from TripAdvisor.

Apparently, this place really is worth the hype according to everyone who’s tried it out and just from the looks of it, I’d agree.

Talerico’s Ultimatte-Gourmet is located at 544 Highway 35 Middletown, NJ 07701, and is open every day from 8 am - 8 pm.

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