If you live in Philly, your worst nightmare is for sure Lincoln Drive. Now there are a lot of roads in Philadelphia that will make you lose your mind, but nothing tops the feeling you get while driving along 'Dead Man's Gulch.'

It has its nickname for a reason. Not only is the road annoying to drive on, but it is also very dangerous. Some of the most horrific car crashes have happened on Lincoln Drive, and a lot of them ended up being deadly.

Let me paint the picture for you. Lincoln Drive is a 4-mile road in the Wissahickon Creek area of the city. It is a very long and very windy road that is sometimes unavoidable. The road can be infuriating especially when there are people on it who don't drive it often. They can slow up traffic and double your commute time. Depending on the time of the year, the road can also be very slippery. No one likes to drive on Lincoln road when it's raining or snowing. It can be very hazardous and ends up being a recipe for disaster.

According to Chestnut Hill Local, Lincoln Drive is Philadelphia's 5th highest spot for car accidents. There was even a total of 118 on that one road alone in a single year.

So just be careful when driving down Lincoln Drive. Always be cautious, stay alert and be on guard. You don't want to be another statistic that only solidifies the road's awful nickname " 'Dead Man's Gulch.'


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