Instagram (theboholakehouse)
Instagram (theboholakehouse)

Delish says that people have already put up their Christmas trees, but they're not decorated with ornaments for the holly jolly holiday, they are decorated in fall decor. Pumpkins, leaves and even trick or treat bags are what you'll see on these trendy trees all over Instagram. Some of these Instagramers are going to keep their trees up from now until Christmas. They can tweek the ornaments after Thanksgiving if they had a Halloween theme and just keep some leaves and pumpkins. Then, as soon as they're ready for Christmas, BOOM! Change those ornaments. Get ready to see some trees on your Instagram feed like the ones below.



I am someone who doesn't like to celebrate one season before the previous one is over. Whenever people wanna buy pumpkin spice lates, but it's still summer, it bothers me. When people wanna start celebrating the Christmas season on November 1st, it bothers me. I used to not even not like that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade had Santa at the end. But, then I thought, it's like he's signaling that the end of the parade and the beginning of the Christmas season, so then I was okay with. I don't know how I feel about this tree trend. I guess whatever makes you happy? But my tree is green, so I feel like it might look weird. If I had one of the trendy white ones, it may look a little different. I love my fall decorations, but I think I'll just stick to my pumpkins instead of a tree decorated with fall decor.

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