This was definitely a first in the history of our Blind Date segment. Yeah, apparently this match actually started out as a bet.

We all thought it was a little weird on Friday morning when Will seemed to be in a hurry to schedule his date with Lacey. Like he was in a RUSH to go out FRIDAY night. Some of our listeners thought that was a little sketchy too. At the time, Adam even wondered if it was because of a bet.

So here's how it went down on Friday:

Well, Will came clean when got him back on the phone Monday morning. He had a bet with some friends about getting a date to an annual Oktoberfest party. That party was actually Saturday night! So he wanted to get to know Lacey over dinner on Friday night.

He actually asked her to go out again on Saturday night (to the Oktoberfest party), and she agreed to go on the date.

"You only live once," Lacey told us on Monday morning. "I'd be up for seeing where this will go."

Of course, that worked out when both Will & Lacey agreed to a second date. Actually, it will be their third date.

So maybe this will be the start of something special?

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