How cool is this, it's a new feature at Six Flags Great Adventure and it's just in time for Spring Break here in New Jersey. Six Flags is unleashing zombies and ghouls and fun for April during "Spring Break" with their "Scream Break" and you can enjoy it from April 8th thru April 15th in Jackson Township.


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If you are looking for a fun activity for you and the family during "Spring Break" in April, then why not stay out late and enjoy a new feature at Six Flags - Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey called "Scream Break" and yes it's like the title says, spooky fun late nights at Six Flags. Jose Rueda Jose Rueda


According to the Six Flags website, "Stay late and experience this limited after-hours special event. April 8 – 15 from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (additional fee required). Our army of ghouls take over The Boardwalk and aren’t holding back. Enjoy nighttime on Superman: Ultimate Flight, The Green Lantern, Twister, Kingda Ka and our Extreme Attractions : Great American Road Race, Sling Shot and Dare Devil Dive! Dare to enter two haunted houses, The Manor and Fears! Get a dose of vitamin SCREAM! Event ticket sold separately, limited capacity. Free for Pass Holders. Buy Tickets "


In addition, they will feature:

  • Spring Break Zombie Scare Zone
  • Scream Break Dance Party
  • Scream Break Photo Ops to capture #SixFlagsMemories
  • Spooky lighting, fog and music

So if you want excitement this "Spring Break" without leaving New Jersey, visit Six Flags Great Adventure for "Scream Break" btw, don't be scared! Wait maybe you will be!


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