New Jersey is known as the Garden State but it could change its name to the "Stress State" after getting another great honor. Spoiler alert: it's not a "great honor."

According to, NJ is the most stressed out state in the Unites States. They looked at 6 factors that could cause stress in each state, and the higher these things were the more stress they caused residents:

- Long commute times
- Unemployment
- Hours worked
- Population density
- Home price to income ratio
- Percent uninsured population

Lucky New Jersey topped the list with long work hours, long commutes, and high home price to income ratio. As a resident of New Jersey this makes me sad, but now when I vocalize that I'm stressed I'm justified. I can say 'it's not you, it's my state' when I get stressed. Jokes aside, I love living in New Jersey.

I have family and friends that live in Pennsylvania and New York. I thought that the major cities of Philadelphia and New York City would push their states' stress higher on the list, but it didn't happen. Pennsylvania came in at 26 and New York at 5.

To see where other states landed on the list and to read more on this go here



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