There's buzz-worthy news from Jack Daniel's. They are jumping in on the spiked fizzy drink trend.

According to, the Tennessee whiskey maker just released new canned cocktails.  They come in three flavors, Jack & Cola, Jack & Seltzer, and Jack with Honey & Lemonade.

This is great news for those guys at your party who have been sticking their noses up at your Spiked Seltzer collection.

Jack & Cola looks like a match for traditional Jack lovers, willing to give up the rocks glass for a can that beats the heat.  The masses who are sampling a variety of Spiked Seltzers will likely go for the Jack and Seltzer version.  For people who like Honey Jack on the regular, Honey Jack and lemon will be the go-to flavor.

Brown Forman, the makers of Jack Daniel's, says its new canned beverages are in the "skinny seltzer" range of 97 calories per can, while a shot of Jack has 97 calories, too.  It all depends on how you want your Jack.

Meanwhile, New Jerseyans can't get to jacked up about this new release.  For now, according to, you can only find them in 16 states, and Pennsylvania is one of them.

In a COVID-19 Summer, we're kicking back outside with our friends.  If one of your crew isn't mixing drinks at the pop-up tiki bar from the party store, canned cocktails may pick up the slack in your drink line up.

Jack Daniel's is one of the familiar brands, while there are a lot of small-batch brands with buzz-worthy concoctions, too.  Please pop those tops responsibly and keep your distance people.

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