Spiked Seltzer lovers, listen to this: a spiked seltzer festival is coming to Philadelphia TIHS YEAR. Yeah, you will be in heaven at the Spiked Seltzer Festival popping up all over the U.S. very soon.

Delish.com reports that Seltzer Land is going all over the country in 2020. Most importantly, they are set to make a stop in the City of Brotherly Love this year. There is no exact date yet on when the festival will be stopping in Philadelphia.

Seltzer Land's first stop is scheduled for April 18 in Minneapolis, MN, according to their website.  Dates have also been confirmed in cities such as Boston and NYC, the site says. 

This is something to definitely look forward to: You will be able to sample over 100 different varieties of hard seltzer.

The price to be a part of the Seltzer Land fun is only $29 for regular admission. You'll even be able to snap photos in the bubble ball pit.

If you want to be fancy, you can get VIP tickets starting at $49. The VIP packages include early access to the festival, access to a VIP lounge, a surprise cocktail, and extra sweet treats.

If you are the type that would rather go to New York City for some spiked seltzer sampling that is also an option. FoodandWine.com mentioned that the Seltzer Land will also stop in the city on May 16 at The Brooklyn Expo.

Even if you are not a big a spiked seltzer type of person, this still sounds like a ton of fun. Spring and summer events are so much fun. We’re tired of this cold weather.

Plus, think of all of the photos you can take for your Instagram account at this festival, right?

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