Celebrity sightings this summer are officially at an all-time high.

Photos of actor Jason Segel in Philadelphia have been circulating on the internet all summer long. So have pictures of music superstar, Andre 3000 and actress Sally Field. Most people have not spotted them individually but today, someone was able to snag a photo of all three of them together.

The first time this has happened, might I add. And of course, Andre 3000 has his flute in hand.

The three celebs are filming for an upcoming Segel-produced AMC show called, Dispatches from Elsewhere. PhillyMag reports that a public access media director captured the photo, telling them, “I’ve been aspiring to see Jason and André for a while now… I felt like I needed to do that to complete my summer. But then my expectations were surpassed when I found them with Sally Field, who was looking absolutely fabulous.”

Filming is expected to go into the fall so if you’re in the Philly area make sure to keep an eye out for either of the trio, because I will definitely have my eyes peeled!


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