The summer sun and the Jersey shore seem so far away when the temperature drops below 30 degrees during the fall and winter months. I know I wish for the return of summer when I'm freezing outside, shoveling snow, and/or waiting for my windshield to defrost. Though I can't change the calendar and force it to be summer again. I can share some good news if you miss hanging out at your favorite beach bars.

I just saw on News 12 New Jersey that Governor Murphy just signed a new bill that will allow Jersey Shore bars, that are usually closed closed for the winter, the opportunity to reopen for a few nights during the off-season.

There are some limits to this new law. The establishments can only be open for 14 days during the off-season by purchasing a 24-hour license between November 16th through April 30th for $500. The article suggests that they imagine the bars can taking advantage of this new law and open for popular party dates like Thanksgiving Eve, New Year's Eve, and for the Saint Patrick day parades and celebrations.

See more on this in the video below and get the full story here


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