Concerts and comedy shows have been canceled for some time now. Many of us can't wait until we can partake in some sort of event. Kevin Hart looks like he is trying to get life somewhat back to normal.

According to, Kevin Hart will have a few "intimate" shows in the Garden State. This is considered to be intimate because it is not a big show with a couple of thousand fans like at the Wells Fargo Center or Prudential Center. We learned that these shows that Kevin Hart will be having in New Jersey will only hold about 400 fans in an outdoor area.

Not the normal Kevin Hart type of show. stated the shows will be happening at Monmouth Park’s Blu Grotto in Oceanport. The tickets to the show aren't as cheap as you think either. Tickets to Kevin Hart's intimate show start at $101.50.

The shows are happening this week on Thursday, September 3rd, and Friday, September 4th. Kevin Hart will be having 2 shows each of those days, according to

After checking it looks like this will be the last show that Kevin Hart will be doing in 2020. The next show that Kevin Hart has scheduled is on March 13, 2021, and it actually will be happening in Toronto, Canada. Tickets are now on sale for Kevin Hart's shows this week in New Jersey.

We wonder if other comedians or perhaps even singers will have some "intimate" shows now during this pandemic. Kevin Hart can possibly give some artists some ideas after having 4 shows in 2 days.

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