Kids Castle in Doylestown will be adding play structures that are suitable for kids of all different abilities.

The playground will close at the end of March to begin renovations and is set to open back up in June, just in time for summer.

Kids Castle has received donations from local businesses, organizations, and other sponsors for these improvements. Volunteers have also raised over $400,000!

Not only are they adding new equipment, but they will be upgrading the surface of the existing playground to make it accessible to all kids.

These changes will help encourage kids to play with one another, and it will be easier to do so because of the new accommodations.

The new play features include equipment and activities for children with visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism/SPD, mobility impairment, and cognitive disabilities will be added to the playground, according to

This is definitely a great upgrade and will allow for a more inclusive environment for kids of all ends of the spectrum.

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