Kitchen Kapers, on Hulfish Street (near Mediterra), in Princeton has closed it's doors for good. I noticed it was closed while strolling around Princeton recently. I had hoped it was just closed temporarily, but, a Google search confirmed its permanent closure. I have to say I was a little surprised, but, more disappointed.

If you never visited the store...or, if you have no idea what Kitchen Kapers is, you can probably's kitchen tools and all types of cool kitchen gadgets. I could wander through this store for hours and discover all the things that I don't need, but, definitely want, like the Freezable Cocktail Maker or the Hippy Hops Silicone Cup. Lol.

Getting back to my surprised reaction when I realized it was closed for good...during this coronavirus pandemic everybody seems to be spending so much more time cooking in the kitchen, right? I'm seeing all of my friends' posts of everything they're cooking and baking (like banana bread). I thought a store like Kitchen Kapers would be thriving, as people have gotten more creative in the kitchen, but, it appears as if it wasn't. Sad.

Sur La Table, a similar store, filled with cool kitchen tools and gadgets, is also closing up shop in Quaker Bridge Mall. As I walked by last night, I noticed all the "Going Out of Business Sale" signs. From what I've heard, their on-site cooking classes have kept them afloat in the past, and because they're not happening during this pandemic, the chain is suffering financially, and have been forced to close some stores.

The good news is you can still order your favorite Kitchen Kapers stuff online, or do Curbside Pickup from the warehouse in Cherry Hill. Sur La Table is also online.

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