All over the works restaurants have been forced to temporarily close their doors. This has caused many people to become unemployed.

The Victor Café in South Philadelphia was one of the many restaurants affected by the coronavirus closures resulting in them being forced to let go of all of their waiters. According to, the Italian restaurant’s employees had gone through some opera singing training in preparation to do live performances during their shifts.

Well, check this out.

In a video shared on, the talented waiters from Victor Café show off their talents. At the beginning of the video the Victor Café signing waitstaff mention that they are losing money for an indefinite amount of time because of the coronavirus. The waitstaff also shared that they are all a big family when they are at work. They believe "though in isolation, we know we are all in this together."

It will definitely give you goosebumps listening to the waitstaff sing opera as they come together through technology through this social distancing period of time.

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