A Lambertville pizza shop owner, making the best of a bad situation, is mobilizing public support to donate nearly 2,000 frozen Neapolitan pizzas to the Delaware Valley Food Pantry, Fisherman's Mark, and Flemington Area Food Pantry through a GoFundMe campaign which has raised over $5,000 so far.

Liberty Hall Pizza owner Chris Bryan, who pivoted his business with his Friday Night Frozen pizza pop-ups has donated 1,820 frozen pizzas so far to local food banks and is raising hundreds of dollars for the restaurant's "Pizza for the Pantry" program.

Bryan created the GoFundMe campaign so folks can help increase the number of frozen pizzas the restaurant can donate. Each pizza comes with instructions on reheating the celebrated Neapolitan pizzas, which will be ready to eat after about 15 minutes in a 400º oven.

“We were hoping to raise $5,000, which we can turn into 100 Neapolitan pizzas per week, but people were very generous and we reached that initial goal, and now we've set a new goal of $10,000. Any donation will help families in our Lambertville/New Hope and Flemington communities get through this crisis,” said Bryan.

Opened in December 2014, Liberty Hall Pizza has been featured in Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, and many other publications for its wood-fired, award-winning Neapolitan pizzas.

If you want to donate click here.

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